Have you experienced the difference that quality garment care offers? We treat your clothes like they were ours.

Since 1992, V.I.P. Cleaners has offered the finest quality in garment care services.
• Dry cleaning
• Professional Shirt Service
• Leather and Suede Cleaning
• Leather dying
• Wedding Gown Preservation
• Alterations
• Drapery Cleaning

Whether we pick-up at your office, at your home or you drop off at one of our convenient locations, you’re assured of exceptional results.


Are your employees or coworkers busy people? Of course they are! This service may be perfect for your office.

V.I.P. makes corporate services easy and convenient. There is no disruption of business and no passing of money on the premise. Employees will be billed directly each month and they may choose to pay with a check or any major credit card.

The exclusive “V.I.P. NetMinder” service takes cleaning to the “net” level by offering you a free e-mail reminder service. This optional service sends a quick, weekly reminder as well as money-saving coupons.

For additional information about V.I.P.’s Corporate Services, contact us at 402-731-6380.


Right-to-your-door service at NO EXTRA COST!


V.I.P. Cleaners has two home pick-up and delivery routes: Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Depending on your particular address, we will come to your home on one of those routes, pick up your garments and drop them back off to you on the next run. So convenient! Call us today to get more information, 402-731-6380, or sign up for your At Home delivery service by clicking here.

7429 Pacific
(74th & Pacific)


Store Hours:
M-F: 7am-6pm
Sat. 8am-3pm
Closed Sun.

Main Plant
3120 "L" Street

(same day service at this location)


Store Hours:
M-F: 7am-6pm
Sat.: 8am-12pm
Closed Sun.

17919 Pierce Plaza
(180th and Pacific)


Store Hours:
M-F: 7am-7pm
Sat. 8am-5pm
Closed Sun.

McKinney's Food Center 215 Enterprise Dr, Gretna


Pick up and drop off
Tuesdays and Fridays